We are a group of contributors and editors who find viewpoints that run against metropolitan beliefs.

We spend a lot of time on various channels, monitoring what is being published and being shared. Using this monitoring, we establish what a common viewpoint is. This could either be because lots of metropolitans are sharing it, commenting on it and agreeing with it. However, it could also be a common bias in the media that metropolitans generally agree with.

We like to help you break free from your echo-chamber. We want to expose you to new points of view. Sometimes we try to translate articles where other viewpoints use language in a slightly different way.

We are scared about personalised articles which appeal to what we already know and believe. We don’t want to self-affirm. We need to be challenged.

We are, by definition anti-truth. We don’t want to show you a better perspective. We don’t have the answers. We want to show you a different perspective so you can develop informed opinions.

The Echo Chamber Club is funded and run by Hattusia Ltd

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